Lingerie pour petites poitrines bonnets AA, A et B

A collection of upcycled silk lingerie

After a first collection launched in March 2022, it's the turn of our second collection of lingerie for small breasts to see the light of day! For these new models, we have chosen to use upcycled silk , coming from dormant stocks in our workshop. In this way, we can offer you silk products at an attractive price and we also fight against the overproduction of fabrics. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the two models in more detail: Natalie and Cameron .

Natalie: the irresistibly sexy strapless set

When you have a small chest , it is almost impossible to find sexy, feminine and well-cut lingerie. Even more so on elaborate pieces like bustiers with underwires for example. This is why we decided to develop this new model, so that women with small breasts finally have the opportunity to access this lingerie model.

After several back and forth prototypes, we managed to obtain the perfect fitting for small breasts from cup 80AA to 95B . The Natalie set is therefore made of upcycled silk and also recycled tulle from Spain and Oeko-tex certified. The elasticity of the latter allows the bustier and tanga to adapt perfectly to the shapes. We have selected flexible frames , also used on the Clara and Jane models from the first collection. You will have no comfort problem with it!

The plus of the Natalie bustier ? It can be worn both in lingerie and ready-to-wear. You can therefore also combine it with outfits. And for the record, its name was inspired by the actress Natalie Portman, who has always proudly embraced her small chest.

Bustier for small busts

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Cameron: the essential but equally original triangle set

The second piece from our new collection: the midnight blue triangle set! After your numerous requests, we wanted to offer a triangle -shaped bra , without padding (as we are used to seeing in stores...). We therefore developed Cameron, made exclusively from upcycled silk .

The product development of this new model challenged us: to create a perfect fitting from cup 80AA to 95B with silk which is not an elastic material like tulle or certain laces. After several versions of prototypes, we finally managed to create a triangle bra that adapts perfectly to all small breasts . It was important to us to create a classic set but with touches of originality. This is why we thought about adding details that make the difference: the double straps of the bra and the cutout on the back of the tanga.

The Cameron set is therefore the perfect recipe for a classic, comfortable but also sexy set thanks to these finishes. For the record, its name is in reference to the actress Cameron Diaz who proudly wears her little hat !

small chest triangle bra
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If you would like to know more about the production processes of our workshop in Porto, we invite you to read our article on the manufacturing of Double A Paris lingerie .

We hope you like our new models and that they will find a place in your wardrobe! To find out more and follow our news, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram .

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