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What clothes for small breasts?

Are you part of the small chest team and you don't really know which clothes flatter you? You're in luck because, here, we reveal our best tips for dressing our small breasts !

The famous necklines

This is one of the advantages when we have a small chest : the V neckline! Ideal for a sexy evening outfit, this plunging neckline allows you to hug the chest while subtly revealing it. Since small chests don't require a lot of support, this outfit is even more made for us because it can be worn without a bra .

Emma Stone plunging neckline small bust

But these are not the only necklines we can wear: outfits with a very low back are also our best allies. Just like with the V neckline, these outfits look great without a bra, so are perfect for our small chests ! Tops or dresses with low backs highlight our curves, without showing too much.

Eva Longoria with a bare back

Unveil your shoulders

Thanks to the possibility of not wearing a bra , we can also afford to opt for tops with thin straps or bustiers . Bardot tops are ideal for showing off our shoulders, which are just as sensual as a deep neckline . We, in fact, tend to think that the chest is the part of our body that makes us sexiest when in reality the shoulders, back and arms are also essential areas! Bandeau tops, for example, are also clothing that will highlight the bust, without showing too much.

celebrities with small breasts

Dare to be transparent

Another advantage we have is the fact that we can more easily dare to be transparent . Thanks to fashion icons, designers and celebrities, transparent has become chic and elegant over the years. We can therefore treat ourselves by adopting voile tops, white blouses or even very fine jersey tops. These tops will definitely enhance our little chest !

transparent tops small breasts

We hope our article has given you some ideas for your next shopping trip. You can also find our article on bras that highlight small breasts . And don’t hesitate to also share your advice with us on our Instagram .

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