femmes avec une petite poitrine et un soutien-gorge à armatures en dentelle noire dans une salle de bain

The first bras for small breasts

After more of a year of work And of development, OUR brand of lingerie For small tits of cap AA At cap B East available in pre-order on our website ! Today when we has a small chest, he East almost impossible of find of there lingerie sexy And GOOD cut. This feeling exclusion of a product Who represented there femininity doesn't help not has accept her body, can develop of the complex And even go until appeal has there surgery aesthetic. We have SO put All OUR heart has create a brand Who addresses Finally to women to small breasts of which those having A cap more little that has And Who born find Currently not this size.

OUR first collection East composed of a first together in lace black And of a second together in tulle red. We have developed of the bra with frames which East there shape there less easy has find when we has a small chest. In effect, Today there mostly yawn And make of the folds. It is Why We have selected with care of the fabrics flexible And of quality For adapt At better has all THE small breasts.

Order our Jane set

Order our Clara set

We are counting on your support to grow Double A Paris. Thanks to you, women with small breasts will finally have the choice to wear lingerie that highlights them! You can also follow our adventure on Instagram .

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