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How was Double A Paris born?

In this article, we lets go you to tell about How? 'Or' What is born Double HAS Paris, a Mark of lingerie for them small breasts .

September 2018: our meeting

let's go back everything first of all 2 year and half in back because Double HAS Paris it is before everything a meeting . We meet in September 2018 when we start our studies in a business school in Nantes. A complicity immediate settles down and we take rapidly the habit of to share our moments of life student together. After our semester, we let's go each in year of caesura for achieve of the internships in company. During these various month, we not let's lose not our link and we let's go on at we rub shoulders until become inseparable. 

September 2020: the birth of the idea

For the last semester school of trade, we let's decide to live in flatsharing. Alexina to specialized in entrepreneurship . Melanie, as to at she choose the major marketing . Having still had a attraction for the creation business, Alexina choose of carry a project to breast of her major, she must then to find a idea.

Alexina wish to buy of the new bra : she surveys shops and Site (s Internet. She notice quickly that them bra have that is a round of cut too narrow, that is of the beanies too big who don't marry not the chest Where of the push ups . We are then in misunderstanding : none Mark on the market not allow having a bra adapted at a small chest . A cap more little that HAS ? That does not exist not ! As to to HAS ? He is not not adapted at all them morphologies.

"How is it possible that nobody didn't have Again developed a Mark of lingerie for small breasts ? We not may so not have a lingerie sexy AND a small chest ?"

This is then that is born the idea from project Double A Paris , a brand of lingerie who includes them women to small breasts. After have observed the lack of offer on the market and face at a request important, Alexina begin at develop this project in her major entrepreneurship, helped by his teachers. Being very interested in this committed project, Mélanie quickly decided to join her in the creation of this brand.

This is the end of this article, we hope that he you has enjoyed ! do not hesitate not at we say this that you in have think on our instagram !

Alexina & Melanie

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