Lingerie pour femmes

Lingerie: towards a deconstruction of codes?

During of the decades, the lingerie has summer perceived as object of seduction putting in before of the body standardized, dictated by the society from still more thin, still more smooth, still more slender. The underwear feminine have long time summer and are Again sometimes perceived as the representation of the sexuality and of the dominance masculine. However, from some years, industry seems evolve notably with the movement body positive who put in before and grow at acceptance of all them guys of body.

Of the designers handing over in question them standards bodily

Of new brands have do the bet of promote of the body opposites to dictates of beauty. Savage X Fenty , spear by Rihanna in 2018 in is a good drawing. In proposing of the lingerie inclusive, adapted at all them body and all them morphologies, this Mark come to put back in question them codes of the lingerie feminine. In september last, grace at a parade putting in stage a diversity rare of morphologies and of skin tones, savage X Fenty jostles of many ideologies. These procedures engaged are followed by others brands emblematic as Victoria Secret who creates from now on of the campaigns of communication with of the women round Where Again chantelle who integrated of the women to physical distant of those usually put in before.

Michaela Stark do part of these designers who revolutionize the image of the lingerie feminine. Between bra who leave alone glimpse a nipple, cheeky with of the thongs doing stand out them bulges Where Again fur apparent, the designate australian hesitate not at to pose herself for to reclaim the body feminine. Grace at acceptance of his forms and of his stretch marks, Michaela we offer a news vision. This is also the cause that serves others designers as Cha Myung who go Again more far in creating of the rooms with of the fake bulges. the work of these designers deconstructed the image of the lingerie in using it as reprise of control on her sexuality.
The lingerie is before everything scope for self and Nope for answer to need of desire of the other.

From committed movement to the emergence of strong trends

These commitments to deploy of way significant these latest years for extend today at a audience more wide, going until carpet red. The creative Nensi Dojaka spear in 2017 a Mark wearing his name with the peculiarity of to propose a lingerie without maintenance with a tissue laid on the chest not the enhancing not, in contrary to bra traditional. the movement its amplified since bella Hadid has gate a room of her collection during of the MTV Music Video Awards in September 2020. Versace has also followed this tendency in inviting for the first time of his story of the dummies big cut emblazoned of the rooms where exceeded at each time the bra.
LIVY , a Mark of lingerie high of range, do also talk from her with her range "Hush Hush". True Mark disruptive, LIVY sports them underwear feminine under a other angle, with for objective of let at the women the choice of afford a beautiful representation of herself. This is notably during from 72nd Festival International from Film of walking sticks in may 2019 that the Mark has struck strong. In organizing a evening sulphurous with a parade very noticed, mixing dummies and dancers crazy horses, LIVY hush hush dare and emancipates of the dictates of industry of the lingerie feminine.

Women parading at the LIVYHOUSE during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

audacity of all these creators is a new not towards the change of the mentalities. In brittle them codes, them body for which to accept is a fight, are finally represented and put in before. The women is also represented as assumed, released and master of his body.

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