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How to choose your small size bra?

When we buy lingerie, we often hesitate between several sizes depending on the models or brands... However, so that a bra does not hurt us and is comfortable throughout the day, it is essential to select the correct size. So let’s share our tips to make buying lingerie as easy as possible!

Determine your underbust measurement

First of all, we need to determine our underbust measurement to choose the right bra size. Here, we just have to place the sewing meter just below his chest and note the number of centimeters that we find when going around.

I n the current sizing system, the volume of a cup of the same size can change depending on the underbust measurement. For example, an 80B bra may be completely different from a 95B in the cup area. However, we can very well have a petite or larger size but have the same cup volume . This is why, when creating our lingerie brand, Double A Paris, we wanted the volume of an AA, A or B cup to always be the same regardless of bust size.

Know your cup size

We also need to determine our cup size. By placing a meter of sewing around our chest at nipple level, we obtain a certain number of centimeters. The latter will then tell us which hat corresponds to us.

Very often, when we have a small chest , it is difficult for us to find the right cup for our small size. Indeed, the size system has always been the same for more than a century, we find ourselves with bras that are too large, even when taking the smallest size available, i.e. cup A. It is therefore important to take your measurements and refer to our size guide . Since A cup has always been the smallest bra size available, we tend to believe that it is our size. Finally, we can realize that we are rather an AA , that is to say a cup smaller than A.

After taking these two measurements (underbust and cup size), we can then know the perfect bra size. So it's your turn to play by referring to our size guide . We hope that this article has helped you find the size that will enhance your small chest !

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