Comment apprendre à aimer sa petite poitrine ?

How to learn to love your small chest?

Because of beauty dictates and not feeling represented, many women with small breasts are self-conscious about their cup size. Some of them even consider cosmetic surgery to feel better about their body. What if we tried to love our little chest ?

Reclaiming your body

It is important to remember that our chest , no matter its size, does not define us. Above all, our body allows us to breathe, think and enjoy life. We must therefore, first of all, learn to be more tolerant of ourselves and not only focus on what we don't like.

The chest is part of our femininity which makes us all the more demanding of it. It is essential to learn to reclaim it to move towards acceptance and love of your body. And to reclaim this sensitive area, there's nothing better than touching it and looking at it in the mirror. With simple gestures of well-being and by repeating to ourselves that we love our little chest , we reconnect with it. It is then easier to accept it and be comfortable when we tame it ourselves without letting the opinions of others come into account.

Free yourself from the gaze of others

“You don’t have any breasts”: how many of us have heard this phrase hundreds of times since our adolescence? And unfortunately, how others view our body has a considerable influence on our self-confidence . Detaching yourself from external remarks is important to learn to love your small chest .

First of all, we all have a chest regardless of its size so if we hear this famous phrase again, let's remember that yes, we do have breasts . Let's not demean ourselves by listening to these unjustified criticisms which often come from people who are not concerned and who have no opinion on our own bodies. Furthermore, our small chest does not take away from our femininity and the way we should perceive ourselves.

Regain confidence with lingerie

When we have worn bralettes all our lives or tried on bras that are too big, it is more difficult to love our small chest. As if having a small cup prevented us from accessing sexy and feminine lingerie . So to start accepting yourself, wearing bras in our size that really highlight our chest is an essential step. There is no point in lying about our body by wearing push-ups and padded bras because it is even more difficult to accept it afterwards, when we find ourselves naked.

In conclusion, what is sexy is to have confidence in ourselves and to take responsibility!

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