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Which bras for small breasts?

GOOD often when we has a small chest , he East difficult of find A bra has there Good size. In effect, THE beanies AA And HAS are little Or wrong represented In there lingerie feminine in France. We let's meet SO of the difficulties has find of the underwear Who put in value OUR small chest , This Who East also THE case bigger breasts Who meet THE issue has the opposite.

Bras that are too big and not comfortable

After several fittings in shop, orders on Internet, THE observation East always THE even : none bra born agrees when we do A cap HAS (if This is not THE bra triangle classic available in size S, M, L etc). We born let's find generally not of cap more little that HAS And THE bra with frames begin them, At cap b.

Here is This that We propose SO THE brands current : THE basket without shell available only has leave of cap B SO a lot too much big doing of the folds At level of there chest, THE basket push-up available in cap HAS but Who in adding of volume, born puts not in value And is not not comfortable. Finally THE basket with shell, not found in below of cap B And SO a lot too much covering For THE beanies HAS And less that HAS.

Conclusion : Today if We want to to carry of there beautiful lingerie feminine, sexy And GOOD carved And that We let's do A little beanie , It is dock assignment impossible.

A poorly thought out sizing system and models for small chests

In creating a brand of lingerie For THE small breasts , We have desired to understand Why he was if difficult of find of the bra . First of all, THE sizes vary always of a model has the other And in function of the brands of lingerie. A cap HAS is not Never THE even in function of OUR round of size. In effect, if We let's do A 90A THE cap becomes more big one 80A by example And We We let's find Ultimately with A bra too much big. We therefore develop of the bra Who have always there even depth of cap little imported THE round of size because that we can TO DO A round of 95 And to have a small chest !

We have also REMARK that there shape of bra there more promoted For THE small tits East THE push-up . This last would put THE more in value And would allow of "cheat" in adding of volume. It is Besides Why he is of there alone shape of basket available in cap HAS . In reality, THE push-up camouflage our small breasts And born allow not to get A pretty curved. We have SO decided of develop only of the baskets without shell manufactured has leave of fabrics stretch .

Result : THE bra encompasses And se place perfectly on there chest And THE frames allow to get A pretty low-cut without none addition of volume.

double bra in Paris


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