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Good reasons to love your small chest!

Society's dictates have long made us think that having small breasts makes us less feminine . But thanks to changing feminine ideals, we realize that having a small chest is just as cool and sexy !

Our sisters with larger breasts are the first to attest that, in certain situations, they envy us. First of all, let's remember that all women, all shapes and sizes are beautiful and sensual. But let's celebrate the assets of our small breasts here! Here are several good reasons to love them.

Sleeping on your stomach, what joy!

How can we not mention this famous advantage: being able to sleep in all positions! And yes, we are lucky to have all the options in terms of sleeping position, especially those that allow us to sleep on our stomach . We are free to choose the fetal position, the star position but also the pillow position or even that of the parachutist.

Bra or no bra, we have the choice

Another advantage we have in having a small chest is that we can not wear a bra since we don't need any support. We are free to wear beautiful, sexy lingerie when we want but also to wear nothing under our clothes to be comfortable all day long! Even if it's not easy to find beautiful lingerie when you have an A cup or a cup smaller than A , don't worry: Double A Paris offers sexy and well-cut models for all little girls. chests! You can also find our article on bras that highlight small breasts.

Long live necklines and bare backs!

It is true that it is easier to wear backless and plunging necklines when you have a small cup . We can treat ourselves by wearing pretty open-back pieces, without having to wear a special bra or tape. Plunging necklines are also our best friends because in addition to subtly highlighting our small chest , they are very pleasant to wear in summer!

Chiara Ferragni

Less back pain

Note also that a chest is also weight which weighs on the torso and which can cause back pain. So who says small chest means less weight and less pain in the back or breasts. Although it is preferable to always wear a bra to support the chest when playing sports, our small breasts also have the advantage of staying in place and not disturbing us during physical exercise. Our small breasts therefore also preserve our health, which is quite a good reason to love them!

We hope that this article has allowed you to be proud of your small chest ! Don't hesitate to share with us other reasons that should make us happy to be part of the petit boobs team on our Instagram !

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