femmes avec une petite poitrine en soutien-gorge avec armatures sur un canapé

A cup smaller than A? The AA hat!

From more of hundred years, THE system of size of the beanies of the bra East THE even. He born takes SO not in account evolution of the body And also there plurality of the women. It is there reason For which we propose THE cap AA to women Who born se find not In THE sizes current.

THE women to small tits wrong represented by THE brands of lingerie

Today, THE more little cap propose by THE brands East THE cap HAS Yet when We have of the small tits We can TO DO less. Of more, We let's notice that For THE small beanies, THE models proposed are little sexys And thought instead For of the teenage girls that For of the women. Also , of many brands add of the push-up For increase THE volume of there chest. Who more East, THE models are little varied And THE shapes of bra are often of the triangles without frames available in size standard. He East SO very difficult of find of there lingerie feminine, sexy And GOOD carved when we do A cap HAS Or A cap more little that HAS.

THE cap AA For marry perfectly THE small breasts

It is in light of this observation that we thought of creating Double A Paris . Through this brand, our goal is to give women with small breasts the choice to wear sexy, perfectly cut bras that highlight their shapes. We therefore imagined models with underwire, called demi- cup bras, without padding. This type of model is not offered today or is poorly made by most French brands for small cups.

double collection in Paris

We have also think has develop THE cap AA . In creating a size more small that THE HAS, THE women, has Who THE cap HAS born corresponds not, can Finally find of there lingerie perfect For their small breasts. For This TO DO, he East essential of rethink there technicality of a bra. In effect, We we have to develop a size Who n / A not of repository current on THE walk. We we therefore worked with OUR workshop of manufacturing located At Portugal For to optimise At better THE fitting.

Discover our first collection

YOU can also find OUR article on there perfect lingerie for small breasts For know what East THE bra Who will put THE better in value THE body ! do not hesitate not has We TO DO your returns on OUR Instagram.

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